Run build step only once (parallel build)



I have a rubocop step at the end of my build, I’m running tests in parallel - I don’t need every container to do the rubocop step - preferably just the container that gets to it first. Is there a way to do this? (Or even just say container 0 always runs it).


You could create a new job at the end of the suite to run it (it won’t run until all previous depending jobs are green), or have it not depend on any other job.


Ah, yeah, that would work, if I wanted the overhead of a separate build. (Presuming you mean using the 2.0 workflows?)

What I ended up going with was checking the CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX, if it’s 0 then running the step.


Yes, I meant the 2.0 workflows since this post is under the “Circle 2.0” category :smile:

Oh, I didn’t know this ENV var existed, nice!


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