Ruby version lag

Just wondering when to expect Ruby 2.1.8 availability, since it was released several weeks ago.

We are always working on upgrading to newer versions of everything. In the meantime you can install any software you want as described here:

I’m already installing it myself, but that’s a poor solution because it requires re-installing all the required gems each time - time-consuming and inefficient.

Since you didn’t actually answer the question, does that mean there’s no timetable for supporting this (security-related) release?

Makes sense. We do not have an ETA, we release a new image frequently and try to put in as many new versions of everything as possible.

Same here for the Ruby support to 2.3.0 version

Thank you!

Are you unable to use the cache_directory config option to help here?

Are you suggesting caching the entire language runtime? Can I do that and then use it to execute the tests? If so, is that documented?

Regardless, the real point is that making security-related language releases available should be a high (like, first-day) priority, not something that happens months later.

That was really unclear, sorry! I was referring to the step about downloading gems each time. Not sure if caching is at all relevant, but I was experimenting with that for downloading a specific package with wget and caching the download. The download script checks the cache directory first and uses that if it exists.