Ruby 2.3.3 Support


We are spending ~4.5 minutes per build now installing Ruby 2.3.3, since it isn’t in the image. This is killing us! Please prioritize language updates like this: we shouldn’t have to suffer a 25% hit just to keep up with the latest ruby.

Or at the very least, please make it a priority to support whatever Heroku is supporting. Heroku releases support for ruby point releases the same day they come out.



Until this package is available on our image, you can speed up your builds by caching ruby binaries installed by rvm.

Hope this helps!


“Until this package is available on our image…” - Are you actually going to update your image? If so, do you have a timeline? Your blog post about CircleCI 2.0 and the lack of 16.04 LTS support indicates that you’re moving away from build images so should we eat the 30 seconds per build to use Ruby 2.3.3 now or hold off and end up waiting for something that’s never actually coming (an updated image)?


@dannyfallon Please bear with us, we hope to have a new image rolled out in a week or two.

There are potentially other ways to improve the performance for installing an unsupported version of Ruby, including caching the entire install and not just the binary – I will leave that up to imaginative minds, eager to save every second on their build to resolve.

Regarding 2.0 we plan to continue to support our own official images which include many common dependencies for your application – alternatively, users will be free to choose any image they want.


I’m still having builds install Ruby 2.3.3. Was this ever rolled out to your image?


This still isn’t included on the base image months later



Thank you for your patience, and sorry for not updating this thread sooner.

We have released an updated build image which includes Ruby 2.3.3:

Best, Zak


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