Roadmap For Docker?



I was wondering – is there a roadmap or other upcoming feature list for changes to the Docker implementation at Circle? I have been having a heck of a time writing hacks for the LXC implementation (which is completely gone in 1.10) and lack of image caching, and was really hoping for an idea of what priority changes like these have in Circle’s overall roadmap.

Regardless, keep up the good work!


This is a very good question. I asked similar thing about Docker 1.10 availability on CircleCI here, but you have a very good point - CircleCI currently uses LXC which is not available in Docker 1.10 so I’m worried a bit about having 1.10 in a timely manner.

I tried to run 1.10 with commands like this (manually in a SSH debug session):

curl -O
chmod +x docker-1.10.0-rc1
sudo ./docker-1.10.0-rc1 daemon -H unix:///tmp/docker-v2.sock -D -g /tmp/docker-v2 -p /tmp/

But this fails for me with permission denied error where I did not expect it (/tmp/docker-v2/btrfs) which suggests that there is some security audit tool preventing from running it. If there would be a workaround for it - I would be super happy.


+1 I am also very interested in circleci’s docker roadmap.


Hi, I made an update for this topic on another thread. Please take a look at here.