Reusable configuration keys


Can you provide more documentation around reusable configuration keys?

I see an example in the workflows documentation using &defaults and <<: *defaults syntax. I see that it’s possible to reuse the executor type configuration.

  1. If the reusable configuration declares one docker image, can it be reused in a job that declares additional docker images?
  2. Is it also possible to reuse the same set of steps across different jobs. Can they be inserted before the job specific steps?


bump… any documentation on sharing configuration keys would be greatly appreciated!


CircleCI configuration is just YAML. The syntax &defaults and <<: *defaults that you see are actually a feature of YAML called anchors and aliases. As a quick overview, you can checkout “YAML - Anchors, References, Extended” which shows how the features work and the equivalent JSON representation. That should give you a good idea of how you can reuse portions of your YAML document to DRY up your Circle configuration.

Using <<: *defaults syntax in config.yaml, AKA Yaml anchors

Thanks for that. I didn’t realize that was YAML syntax. After doing some further digging, it doesn’t seem like we can share partial steps as YAML doesn’t allow for extending arrays.

For example, I have a bunch of jobs that share steps 1-5, but only step 6 is different.


Getting workflows set up on CircleCI 2.0 has forced me to refresh my YAML knowledge.

If you’ve looking for an example of how to keep a non-trivial configuration DRY, then looking at CircleCI’s frontend isn’t a bad place to start:


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