Restoring a cache from a Linux container on a macOS machine CircleCI 2.0


On Linux:

- save_cache:
      key: v1-something-{{ .Revision }}
        - ~/something

On macOS:

- restore_cache:
  - v1-something-{{ .Revision }}

When restoring on macOS we get an error:

Failed to create dir 'home/circleci'Can't create 'home/circleci/something'
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
Error untarring cache: exit status 1

Because it tries to copy the cached folder to /home/circleci/something on the macOS machine. But the ~ is /Users/distiller/ on macOS so it should try to copy the cached folder to /Users/distiller/something instead.

How can we preserve ~ between Linux and macOS machines to restore and save cache?

Unable to restore cache saved in Docker to machine type job

This is not currently supported. Turning this into a feature request.


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