Responsive UI: Better display on mobile please



Currently the circle UI is almost totally unusable on a mobile (iPhone 5 in my case). Doesn’t look like a terribly difficult fix (hide the left hand aside under a button in tiny views). This has been like this for ages. Odd no one has has suggested this


We are working on new UI which should be released pretty soon, so far the mobile experience has been much better.


Hey @levlaz, just curious how the mobile UI is coming along! :slight_smile:


Same here. UI is kinda not usable on mobile devices. Any news on new responsive Design?


Hey @leviaz what’s going on with this.
Having a UI I can use in the mobile app is an absolute must have.
and it’s not that difficult to achieve I think


Hey we recently shipped a small fix that was directly related to your comment (re: the branch picker).

It’s not the better display we wish we could provide. If you have other suggestions - we made this fix based on your comment, so feel free to leave more comments as we are trying to prioritize where we can!

While we haven’t tested or endorsed them, I know some users consider a third-party native app which may help if there is more still bugging you.


Hey folks, is it me or the web UI on mobile is horrible? I tried to see why a deployment build failed and was never able to see it. Big left menu + header, + always spinning loading…

Is that normal?

I am on iOS, with Safari, nothing special.


I’m having the same issue - pretty sure this used to work, and would be really great to be able to see the UI on mobile Safari :frowning:


Yeah, the mobile website is pretty bad at the moment; you can’t even access some sections, such as Account Settings, which just renders a blank page. There is a third party app in the iOS App Store for CircleCI which I started using recently. It’s not too bad, certainly better than the mobile web experience at the moment. Worth checking out if you like/need to check on builds from your phone.