Resource_class: pricing for increasing resource usage?



What kind of upcharge could one expect as a result of specifying a resource_class greater than medium for a single project?

(Assume that the feature has been enabled for the project in question, and that the project is part of a paid account.)

I note that a similar question was asked late last year, but there does not appear to have been a response.


I would guess that, in the absence of a charge, that it is free for the time being. It’s probably like the Machine executor option - free for now, but may incur a charge in the future. Why not request the option to use it (via the support methods indicated) and if there is a charge now that is too much for you, don’t use it?

I spotted this feature the other day, and was thinking of downgrading some of my containers to small, for efficiency :innocent:

While we’re on this subject, it’s worth noting there’s an inconsistency in the linked docs. It says “non-paid users must request to use this feature by opening a ticket”, but if a community user follows that link, they will see “Ticketed support is only available for customers on paid plans”.

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