Reset or updating the build number to a custom offset




We have started using CircleCI for our build environment with Bitbucket as our VCS.
In our older setup, we had our deployment artifacts named with numerical value which exceeded 600 or so. We now want to have this number to get continued using CircleCI. How can I update it to start from an offset, (say 600)?

If it’s something which can’t be put using config file, please provide us an option from your end to start it from an offset by changing it in DB level or something?
Or how to have a ‘X’ number of dummy/test builds for our project to make it reach our desired count ?


Finally had a tricky work around by having a number of dummy ‘skipped’ builds.

Made a dummy branch in VCS and made the branch excluded in the circleci configs. Ran a script in loop from local which committing changes and pushing to remote. This made the build number reaching my desired count without wasting any build minutes.

[ Note : This will definitely make the VCS commit page quite a list and also the circleci console, but this does the job ]

Is it possible to change the build number?

Is it possible to pay a bounty to have this fixed as this is really the only thing stopping my team from moving onto CircleCi?