Reserve capacity for small builds


I’d love to have reserved capacity for small builds. E.g. If we have 17 containers, 1 should be reserved for builds with 1x parallelism, so that 1x builds don’t get stuck behind 8x builds when there are 2 idle containers.

(and I’d have a reason to pay you for 17 containers instead of 16).


+1! We’d love to be able to reserve 1-2 containers for builds run against specific branches, say master.


yeah, please, do this!
i’m paying for the container, so I would like to use it :slight_smile:


+1 we need that too!

It’s impossible to run builds from several different applications on the same account.




+1 we need that too!


+1 we need that too!


+1 please!


Thanks for all the feedback, everyone who replied with +1 please be sure you click on the heart in the original request, we use the total number of likes as a metric to figure out what the most popular feature requests are.


We just moved to Circle and I was actually disappointed to discover this. My workaround is to cancel the blocking build and restart it, but please make this default behavior.


We have multiple projects, one of which has some stupidly long running tests. The ability to allocate a dedicated container just for it would be helpful.


+1 on this feature, it would greatly improve our capabilities. Thanks!


We’re experimenting with a new builds engine and pricing model that will allow folks to get utility pricing for different machine sizes (as opposed to paying for access to the one current 1-type of machine).

We’re also pretty close to releasing Workflows.

Big picture - you can set certain jobs to run on smaller containers and other jobs on bigger containers and really change the way you test and deliver. :slight_smile: