Remove 'follow repo' feature


Without fail, whenever we’re adding someone new to the org or a specific team, we get a report that they “don’t have access” to various repos in CircleCI.

This is always caused by the fact that they follow a link from GIthub to CircleCI and see a 404 page, because they’re not following the repo. We have to explain that they need to click “add project” and find all the repos they might need ahead of time.

I might be overlooking something, but it seems to me that this feature is doing more harm than good. Is there a reason all org members can’t automatically be “following” all repos they have access to?


Thanks for the feedback.

‘Folowing’ a project will mean the user gets notifications about that project and see them all in their dashboard. For users in an organisation with lots of repors, or for users in lots of orrganisations, a default ‘follow’ would result in a lot of notifications.

That said, the 404 error message could be more helpful so we will look at that.


An alternative to removing the feature might be if CircleCI automatically made users follow projects they’ve contributed to. I’ve seen a number of red builds go unfixed because someone pushed to a repository, but they weren’t following the project, so got no notifications.

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