Referencing Latest Build Artifacts



Bump. I really want to link to latest nightly run artifacts from the projects readme.


+1. I would also like to see this feature for my projects. I generate badges and test coverage reports as artifacts. It would be great if I could have links that always pointed to the latest ones.

I did find a url like this:

From here

But it gives me 500 every time. And has for the past ~6 months.


Using the following URL from the documentation works, but I also get 500 errors when I try this on my own repositories.$CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/hello.txt

It would be great if we could get some input from a CircleCI employee here.


Hey @Tethik and @Moose

This should be working. I wrote a wrapper around the API and this particular method worked for me on the first try.

Can you share the specific URL that you are using that is causing a 500 error?