Rebuild Workflow Button in Build


I noticed that there was a recent UI change that removed the “Rebuild” button on workflow builds and replaced it with a “Rerun job with SSH” button.

This is pretty disruptive to our workflow of retrying builds, so we’d like to have a button that can either trigger a rebuild of just that one build within the workflow or a button that triggers a rebuild of the entire workflow. This can look similarly to how it’s done in a non-workflow build right now:

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Thank you so much for the feedback. We have plans to add “Rerun Workflow” button on the jobs (build) page. For now, you would have to navigate to the “Workflows” page to rerun a Workflow or rerun a Workflow from failed jobs.


Aside from “Rerun Workflow”, is there a possibility to have a button like “Rerun this Workflow step”? It would work similarly to the “Rerun job with SSH”, just without SSH enabled.


I couldn’t find any “Rerun Workflow” option available. I had to cancel the Workflow and rerun it from the start.

This was because the actual deployment in question hadn’t failed so “rerun from failed step” wasn’t available for me, and could potentially try and deploy to Production since that was the only one that hadn’t run.

Given it goes through 3 environments before the one that didn’t deploy correctly the removal of this feature is frustrating, time wasting, and computer cycle wasting.

Would be ideal to simply rerun the step you’re up to, thanks!

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cc: @valscion

It’s worth noting that the “Rerun job with SSH” feature isn’t even useful, because it doesn’t resume the workflow where it left off. Say step 1 of 2 fails, then you click “Rerun with SSH” on Step 1, and it passes, and you wait for 10 minutes for the SSH window to time out. Step 2 still never runs.

IMHO We just need the control that shows on the workflows page copied into this spot on the jobs in a workflow so you can click “Rerun failed workflow jobs” or “Rerun workflow from beginning”. @KunalJain please fix this ASAP, and in the future please don’t remove important UI before adding the replacement UI or at the very LEAST replace it with the hint to find the workaround. If it hadn’t been for the forums I’d have never known.

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Ah, good point about the workflow not resuming. I hadn’t even tried that, but assumed that it wouldn’t even have worked properly.

It’s a huge bummer to not be able to continue off from the build page.

It’s also nasty to have to wait for the entire workflow to fail before we even get the chance to press “rerun failed workflow jobs” — if I’ve seen one step fail, I’d be thrilled if I could with a press of a single button to create a new copy/retry of the workflow that would run all the jobs that haven’t succeeded by the time I pressed retry.

Similarly, simply having a “Rebuild w/o SSH” option would be helpful here. SSH waits can eat up containers for rebuilds, and most of the time I don’t actually need the SSH functionality