Rebuild/Rerun workflow job w/ SSH



Something I think would be helpful is the ability to re-run failed workflow jobs with SSH. For example, for some reason commands that setup Nginx in our non-workflow based config file have stopped working in the workflow setup, and I’d love to SSH in to see what might be going wrong.

Unfortunately rebuilding with SSH from the build doesn’t work due to the workspace (which has all the config files needed for nginx) not being attached.


Thank you so much for the feedback. We will consider this feature in our upcoming releases.


FWIW, this is biting us too and making debugging builds significantly harder in a Workflow context.


Yes, the ability to rebuild with SSH enabled for a workflow job is much needed for debugging, there is no way to debug my workspace attachments :frowning:


If a test job fails in a workflow, rerunning it again really has limited value and is extremely questionable as chances are - it would just fail again.

Circle had this wonderful article on flaky tests and this feature would definitely help in reducing flakey tests in addition to the insights tab.

Our solution short-term (hopefully) would be keeping the old config file where you don’t have workflows ( run the steps sequentially) then trigger a build with the old config file with SSH. Tedious but it’s working for us until the feature gets released.


Looking forward to this feature. This is holding our upgrade from CircleCI 1.0


I’m not sure if this is only related to re-running with SSH. In general, it seems when you re-run a job from a workflow and it has a workspace, I’d say it would make sense to restore the workspace before running the job in the same way that it is restored when running it from “Rerun failed jobs”. Otherwise the job is bound to fail with the (very likely mandatory) workspace.


I think we can <3 the original comment here as a vote for this feature.


There are so many things which are just half baked in Circle 2.0. This is one of them. This is needed desperately


+1 definitely crucial


+1 we also really need this feature as re-running/re-building a workflow step is pretty much useless without ssh’ing into the container for debugging!