"Rebuild" button doesn't re-run the workflow



We’re using workflows to build and deploy our project, with two jobs named “build” and “deploy”. CircleCI approves GitHub PRs after the build step (which GitHub refers to as ci/circleci: build) has passed.

If the build fails, the most natural step is to click the Rebuild button in the build summary page. However, this runs the build outside of the workflow, meaning GitHub picks up the build as ci/circleci and so a passing build will not approve the PR. It also fails to trigger the deploy step.

Instead, we have to go to the workflow, and click Rerun Failed Jobs here.

It would be useful to have the Rebuild button re-trigger the workflow by default, or have Rebuild Workflow button in the build summary page, both to avoid accidentally triggering redundant builds, and to make it more obvious that the workflow needs kicking off again.


Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking at ways to make rebuilding failed workflow jobs more intuitive. I don’t have an ETA for changes to land right now.


Thanks, I would also expect that clicking “Rebuild” from Slack notification rebuilds the job in the workflow context - so roughly “rerun failed jobs”. Currently it just reruns failed job on it’s own.


Same problem here, when clicking Rebuild, on a failed job that is part of a workflow, we expect the workflow to continue.
But only that particular job is rebuilt. It does not trigger any other job as configured in the workflow.

Even in the workflow screen:
clicking “Re-run” only rebuild the failed job.
We expect it to Re-run the fail job and trigger following jobs.

We alway click “Re-run from beginning”, and in each job, add steps to skip this job if it ran already.



Is there any update regarding this issue? We encountered this problem.



Are there any updates to this issue? I just re-ran a failed build, but that didn’t re-run the other builds within the same workflow. How do I trigger them?


There’s a feature request to improve the UX around this: https://circleci.com/ideas/?idea=CCI-I-278

Please add your vote there.