Rebuild "Builds" display


Maybe I’m just being picky, but I really don’t like the dashboard page when you click the “Build” link in the menu ( I’m not a UI/UX expert, but when there are multiple projects and things being built, the left-hand side with all the projects just doesn’t feel right.

I’m hoping to fire up a discussion and hopefully get the community to suggest some improvements.

I love the rest of the layout, but something irks me about in that area.


What would you like to see instead?


That’s where I’m stuck. Like I said, not being a UX guy I’m not great with this stuff - but I’d like to have something where at least the projects are at a top level that can be expanded.

For example, I have some open source stuff that shows up under my GitHub account. Then I have some things that are private under a BitBucket account that include multiple projects.

So I wind up with a view like this:

  • github/project1
  • bitbucket1/project1
  • github/project2
  • github/project3
  • bitbucket2/project1
  • github/project4
  • bitbucket1/project2
  • github/project5
  • bitbucket3/project1
  • bitbucket2/project2
  • bitbucket1/project3

It would be nice to have it in an expandable list like:

> github
> bitbucket1
> bitbucket2
> bitbucket3

Then I could drill down if I need to. It would also be great to be able to click on those and have the right-hand pane display only the builds (in timestamp order) related to what selected/expanded.

It’s more of a cleanliness thing.

As I do more, open source more and try to get the companies I do work for onto CircleCI it would help me a lot. It would also help my presentations when I can show them some samples of what CircleCI can do.


FYI - a lot of what I do revolves around microservices, so they are smaller builds but they are numerous.