Python unit tests fail on branches, run on master


I’m seeing this too more often than not (but from Bitbucket). Project URL is Repos on Bitbucket are public.

CircleCI Fails on branches - runs on master

Hi Garth,

I moved this to a separate topic since the other thread was about branch jobs not triggering at all, whereas your jobs are running but failing on non-master jobs. I see this is still happening with your project, but I’m pretty stumped about what’s going on.

I see you check out multiple dependencies as git repos from master. Could it be that there’s some kind of dependency on the branch names matching between DOLFIN and the other packages?


Hi Eric,

I don’t think the other repos we check out should be a problem. We do the same in Bitbucket with pipelines (see


You do have other branches passing- it seems like a legitimate failure you’re seeing.


I think the question heading was changed by an admin and doesn’t reflect the issue reported.

The issue appears that CircleCI more often than not times out with requests from webhooks. I can’t easily test what’s happening because usually nothing happens.


Would you consider your new thread to be more accurate then?

Webhooks time out from Bitbucket

Yes, the new thread better reflects the present problem.

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