Py.test fails with WheelError



I’m on a simple Python 2.7.10/Flask setup. I’m using py.test to execute tests. I specify the custom test command in my circle.yml as:

py.test --cov expensify --cov-report=term-missing

However, this collects tests from not only my package, but the rest of site-packages, which contains failing tests - and as such, my test step fails.

How can I ensure py.test only tests the specified packages. Obviously this works on my machine :smile:


Our Python inference creates a virtualenv link in the project directory that points to the active virtualenv. Could it be possible that py.test recurses through all the directories that it finds in the virtualenv? One thing you could try is to remove that link before running the tests:

    - rm ./virtualenv

Please let me know if that helps.


I have the same problem, where all Python package dependencies are being tested. I don’t invoke a virtualenv, so I am still stuck…


I was able to get nosetests to work out of the box, however:

- nosetests --with-coverage --with-doctest evaluate/