Pwd: ~ does not work


In the step config you can alter current working dir by using pwd option. E.g. pwd: ~/build. For some reason pwd: ~ does not work.


Thanks for letting us know! Are you using the machine or docker executorType? I’d like to include as much info as I can when I report it

As an aside, I use /project for my docker builds. No need for a long file path if you’re running commands as root :slight_smile:


This is about docker.

In other places I also use dirs like /project. Somehow I started using ~/build here. I just wanted to let you know there is an issue with alone ~ pwd value.


Thanks for clarifying. Bug ticket == opened.


@chfast this is a yaml conversion quirk. Tilde, unquoted, means “null”, in yaml.

Whenever you hit unexpected config behavior that goes away when you change a few characters, chances are that the yaml you’ve written is not parsing as you intended. I frequently visit yaml parser online to quickly check customer yaml.

If you want to set a working dir to “~”, you’ll want pwd: "~", or in the longest form, "pwd": "~".