Putting utility scripts inside .circleci/ to avoid "checkout" step?




I can’t find the documentation about what exactly besides config.yml can/should be put inside .circleci/
There’s this example that puts the primary container’s Dockerfile in there, but it seems to be for reference only : https://github.com/CircleCI-Public/circleci-demo-docker/tree/master/.circleci

There’s a lot of duplication between the different deploy jobs in my config.yml, which I’d like to move to a shell script. Do I need a checkout step in the job in order to access to the script, or can I somehow take it with me in .circleci/ ?

Make all files under .circleci/ available to config.yml without checkout

You’d either do checkout, or you can use Workspaces to persist those scripts.


Thanks, so you can’t use .circleci/ to store things that config.yml would use, without a checkout step ?


Not really. .circleci/ isn’t a special directory. It’s just where we keep the config file but it’s versioned and used just like any other directory in your repo.


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