Pulling private Docker images


How about private images? specifically we would like to use AWS’ ECR

Where do docker image names come from?

You can pull them down and use them, but you can’t use them as a base image.


Are you referring to use one of these two options in particular? Getting Started: Docker Engine


Yes. Either of those approaches works, but option 1 (using setup-docker-engine) is now recommended.

Using docker login according to the AWS ECR instructions should do this for you. Just be sure to set your credentials via the CircleCI UI and don’t commit them.


Thanks Eric. Are there any particular performance increases if I docker build compared to v1? I read docker caching is still not supported


It’s about the same; maybe a little faster. Caching is supported but that has its own beta and requires whitelisting. You would need to contact your CSM to gain access to it. Also, it will likely cost additional money to utilize once it is out of beta.


Thanks for the clarification :ok_hand:

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