Provide more information than just "Not Deploying"



In the deployment section is says “Not Deploying” and leaves us super confused as to what to do next.

I have since learned that it has always been my git repo not being checked out to the correct repository, but it took me a while to track that down. It would have been great if the “Not Deploying” message could also provide some tips for what to check to see what’s not working, or a least a URL to an article that explains the different reasons why it might not deploy.

And if you can tell at that point exactly why it did not deploy, why not give us a message to tell us why it did not? That sure would save us a lot of time and frustration.


Well, ironically, I am now stuck with a “Not Deploying” message and the best I can tell I have Git on the correct branch. I am pretty much stuck, and have a day to figure it out to be able to present to my client.

This is what my deployment section of circle.yml looks like:


    branch: prod
    - bash workflow/deploy/

    branch: qa
    - bash workflow/deploy/

    branch: master
    - bash workflow/deploy/



Okay, so one of my builds deployed, but the next one did not. But the one that deployed had a failed script during deployment. I cannot figure out what logic is being used here…


Any help?