Provide KVM in container



For Running Android device tests,

The arm emulator is notoriously slow. Even the newer and faster emulator being released by Google only target x86 requiring HAXM on Mac/Windows and KVM on linux.

Is it possible to provide KVM by default on the containers?

Possible use-cases:

  • Faster device tests
  • taking screenshots
  • faking emulator data like sending of SMS, calling etc.

Travis-Ci already has support for x86 images.


Currently this is not possible because we are using AWS in our infra and AWS doesn’t have Intel-VT/AMD-V support which is required to use KVM.

Switching to paid container?

Thanks for the clarification @kimh :slight_smile:


Any idea if you guys would be able to do something like ?


Any updates on this one? This is a serious pain point for our tests, and any relief here would be hugely impactful. Do tools like Genymotion run in these VMs?