Protect from simultaneous deploys


Just checking if I missed something in V2.0 that can be used to protect from simultaneous deployments. I was hoping workflows would have that feature but I scanned the docs it doesn’t look like it can help. I need to make sure two deployments aren’t running at the same time on the same branch as well as two other branches. I have some simple python code that uses the CircleCI API that should do the trick. But before I invest time testing that I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something.

Sequentially Running Workflows

I’m also curious if there is an elegant solution here. Currently we we get around this issue by lowering the concurrency, which is a bummer.


This note is buried in the “Running Jobs With the API” page of the CircleCI 2.0 docs:

Using the deploy step in the build job is important to prevent triggering N builds, where N is your parallelism value.

Maybe that will help.


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