Project creating infinite builds


No idea what is going on with my repository audiolion/rit-das-pdp but it just keeps creating new builds of the same commit


It looks like you are running a workflow. These show up as separate builds with the same commit message. The name of the workflow step can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the individual build row.


Right but specifically I had the same starting “build” workflow run about 30x times for one push, it should be that when I push it kicks off 1 workflow, in this one instance it continually kicked off new workflows for the same commit and I used the “Stop building this project” to cancel all the builds, as it was continually adding ~5 new workflow builds for the same commit every minute.


I see, can you double check the webhooks on the GitHub side to make sure there is not more than one?


Unfortunately the logs from this incident are just beyond what Github holds, the event occurred 9/28/2017 @ 11:46am EST and my logs go till 11:50am EST 9/28/2017 :cry: might very well have been something with github sending extra hooks though, I had just re-written the history on the branch/PR with a git push -f ... after rebasing and squashing some commits.


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