[Product Launch] Preview - Fail tests faster

As a developer, speeding up your CI feedback loop is an excellent way to stay in your flow. For long testing jobs where even one failed test requires immediate attention, waiting for feedback until all tests have run to completion results in wasted time & unoptimized credit usage.

Now in Preview

New functionality to fail tests faster. You can configure your testing jobs to stop executing shortly after finding the first test failure.

Unlike fail-fast functionality built into specific test runners, the configuration settings described in the docs are compatible out-of-the-box with CircleCI’s intelligent test splitting and parallelism. Previously, it was non-trivial for a user to instruct CircleCI to terminate a parallel run (task) because a separate parallel run (task) found a test failure.

See the docs starting January 20, 2023 to try it out. Leave feedback/questions in this thread.

Use Cases

  • Testing jobs with flaky tests
  • Long-running (15+ minutes) testing jobs
  • Users who are looking to optimize credit consumption
  • Test suites with interdependent tests (ie. certain types of end-to-end tests suites)
  • When adding new tests as part of adding new functionality to a project (ie. on a feature branch)
  • On a main branch where even one test failure in CI requires immediate attention

-Sebastian L.

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