Problem splitting tests using Jest


This is our config to split tests:

  • &test
    name: Run Tests
    command: |
    TESTFILES=(circleci tests glob "./packages/main/src/**/__tests__/*.(test|spec).(js|ts|tsx)" | circleci tests split) echo "All test files:" circleci tests glob "./packages/main/src/**/__tests__/*.(test|spec).(js|ts|tsx)" | xargs -n 1 echo echo "This job test files:" circleci tests glob "./packages/main/src/**/__tests__/*.(test|spec).(js|ts|tsx)" | circleci tests split | xargs -n 1 echo echo "Running tests:" JEST_JUNIT_OUTPUT="./test-results/jest/results.xml" yarn jest --maxWorkers=4 --coverage --forceExit --ci {TESTFILES}
    bash <(curl -s -t $CODECOV_UPLOAD_TOKEN

<<: *defaults
parallelism: 2
- attach_workspace:
at: ~/app
- restore_cache: *restore-mongodb-binaries-cache
- run: *copy_env
- run: *test
- restore_cache: *save-mongodb-binaries-cache
- store_test_results:
path: ./test-results

Use use the following docker to test

- image: entria/node-ci:0.1.12
- image: circleci/redis:4.0.9

The time to run in 1, 2 or 4 is the same for us


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