Pre Install Java on OSX containers


In order to run some testing frameworks Java is required. When building iOS apps, having to install Java and other necessary build tools, installation takes a very long time and requires a lot of work arounds to get all tools running properly.


I need this too.


Thanks for sharing this with us.

I will bring this to our teams attention but could you please elaborate a little on why you need Java for building an iOS applications?



I would like to use an OSX image instead of the Linux one for running my regression test on Java/TestNG with the related pom.xml for a native hybrid web app built on xcode. I am using a Linux image at the moment and it works, but I think I could have Java preinstalled on OSX images too.



I have a plain old Java library that I’d like to test on OSX. It depends on JCE and /dev/random, so OS-specific performance regressions are a risk worth looking out for. I’ve been using, but it’s not working very well because of their limit of 180 OSX VMs and the long queue times that result from that. What I’m hoping to do, for the maximum parallelism, is to keep the Linux jobs on Travis and move the OSX ones here.

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