PR builds not triggering

our org is experiencing issues when trying to run CircleCI builds on GitHub PRs by authors who previously haven’t signed in to CircleCI. The webhook response is 200 but no trace or commit can be found on the CircleCI dashboard.
Yes, PR builds are enabled in the project settings.

I previously reported the same issue as #108852 back in April 2022 and received an update that the bug was fixed in July 2022 but it seems to have been reintroduced in December.

As I’m unable to link to the affected GitHub PRs here, see #123782.

Hello @Carlgo11,

We’ve looked into the follow-up Support request you created.

For the PRs you listed, it appears the users who opened them might have forgotten about their previous CircleCI sign-up, as we did find CircleCI accounts (created a few years back) linked to their respective GitHub identities.

In case those users no longer wish to be registered with CircleCI, could you please ask them to contact CircleCI Support so we can delete their accounts? This will in turn prevent the issue you reported from happening.

When a user revokes CircleCI’s authorization in the VCS, CircleCI does not receive any notification of such action , so we don’t have a way to automate the process.