Play Framework missing from Ubuntu 14.04?


Looks like the play/activator command is available when using the 12.04 image, but not with 14.04. Could this be added?


I’ve also run into this problem. If we can’t get Play added to the 14.04 image, it would be nice to at least get:

  • More clarity in the documentation. The Java language guide makes it sound like Play is installed on the images for both versions.
  • A short guide for how to set up Play for our own builds on 14.04. Play/Activator are both large files, so downloading and unzipping them with every build is painfully slow. A sample circle.yml would be very helpful.
  • Changes to the inference rules so that Play projects on 14.04 images trigger a warning of some kind, instead of appearing to set up successfully and then failing.