PHP 7.0.2 Availability



When will PHP 7.0.2 become available to test on?


We don’t have an ETA. You can install it manually for now, and subscribe to to be made aware of when we make container image updates.


PHP 7.0.3 just came out and I only see PHP7.0.0RC7 on the supported PHP versions page.


Hi, it would be really great if this could get some priority :). RC phase of PHP is definitely over, so having at least some stable version of PHP 7 to test on would be nice. Fingers crossed for this happening soon.


Would really like to be able to run our builds on PHP 7. According to @kimh it was available

But alas, it is not.


@austin881 The build was run on our Trusty beta container. Supporting new PHP on Ubuntu 12.04 is definilitely on my radar, but maybe you can give Trusty image a try?


PHP 7.0.4 came out :slight_smile:


Seems like 7.0.4 is available now on CircleCI?


hey guys can we get PHP 7.0.11 ? it have many segmentation fault fixes… very urgent for any PHP7 project


7.0.14, 7.1.0?