Pass/fail status of the same branch across many projects


Recently, I was investigating why some code was not working for me in an API consumer in a native mobile app.

Our integration test API server worked fine, but our production API server was failing. It took me embarrassingly long to realize the last deployment to the production API server deployment failed.

A simple rebuild got things working again.

So although git showed master had all the changes, the deployment had failed, and I must have missed the email notification. D’oh!

Since the merge to master is handled in a PR, once it’s merged, we wouldn’t have seen the failure in that PR, since it’s considered Closed.

What if there was a way within CircleCI to easily see the status of the master branch across all my repos?

This way, I could define a view in CircleCI that simply shows if the last merge to master succeeded.

Even better, what if there was a custom dashboard view that let me enter a regular expression to define which branch names to show the status of the most recent build on that branch? Perhaps as a developer I’d like to see both master and develop across all my repos, but my teammate who’s in charge of production really just cares about master.

It would be fantastic to see this, although I’m sure it would be a lot of work to build.