Participate in Hacktoberfest 2019 on CircleCI!

Participate in Hacktoberfest on CircleCI!


For the first time, CircleCI is joining Hacktoberfest!

Hacktoberfest is a month-long event beginning October 1, that encourages participants from around the world to contribute to open-source projects. The challenge issued to developers is to submit four quality pull requests during the month of October to any public, open source repository on GitHub. Developers who complete this challenge will win a limited edition 2019 Hacktoberfest T-shirt.

This year, we’ve decided to provide our own challenge to encourage participation in Hacktoberfest on CircleCI. We will be awarding participants who complete four pull requests for CircleCI orbs with our own custom 2019 #Orbtoberfest T-shirt and stickers.

Find out more on our Hacktoberfest landing page!

For Orb Authors

Hacktoberfest provides a great opportunity for the community to get involved in both improving and using orbs.

To prepare your orb for Hacktoberfest, we suggest doing the following:

  1. Make sure your orb repositories are properly tagged with the ‘circleci-orbs’ topic. Users will know to look for repositories with this tag, so this is a good way to steer traffic towards your orb.

  2. Check out How to add a topic to your repo to add the ‘circleci-orbs’ tag. When you’ve successfully tagged your repository, your orb should appear here

  3. Open issues for your orb and label them with ‘orbtoberfest’ and ‘hacktoberfest’.

  4. To be listed on our Hacktoberfest landing page, we recommend that you open issues for potential improvements, feature requests, and bug fixes.

  5. Refer to our Best Practices Guide to help identify opportunities to improve your orb

  6. Check out how to create a label on GitHub issues for tips on adding a new label.

  7. Update your orb documentation.

Thank you and have a happy Hacktoberfest!


Ideas for finding issues!

  1. If you have not tried consulting the Crystal Orb, give it a shot and see what you get!

  2. Check the full list on GitHub! Issues that are properly labeled with orbtoberfest will appear here:

Still need more?

You can find most orbs on GitHub via the circleci-orbs topic
Check any orb to ensure it is following our best practices guidelines and open a PR to submit any enhancements.

ANY valid PR to orbs count, not just those labeled with orbtoberfest.


Writing YAML:
Getting Started:
Configuration Reference:

Orb Registry:

Orb Docs:
Landing page:
Orb configuration reference:
How to use an orb:

Orb Authoring:
Orb Starter Kit (preferred):
Creating an orb via the CLI:

The starter kit comes with some Hello-World starter code:


The Google form to enter details doesn’t allow NON-US postal codes to be specified. I was trying to enter a Canadian postal code, but it wasn’t letting me.

I have removed the number verification from that field so you should be able to enter anything you need now. Thanks for letting us know!