Parametrized builds from the UI



thanks for this amazing product, I’m loving it so far.

I’d like to request the ability to start a build with parameters from the web UI.

I know it is possible to do so from an api but the current authentication for the API is not the best option for my use case.

I’d rather rely on the fact that you need to have write permission to the repo to use the UI rather than sharing tokens around to use the api.

Thanks for you time.


This would be great for release flows.

e.g.: imagine the following …

user chooses to : “Rebuild with parameters”

user input data:

Param 1:

  • key : “release”
  • value : “true”

Param 2:

  • key: “version”
  • value: “1.2.3”


I agree, in my case I have a single parameter named “VERSION” if present the build is released as a git tag.

Having this ability without creating an api token would be awesome.

Furthermore the API token could be leaked easily, relying on the write permission to the repo (as the UI does) seems better to me.