Parameterized, manually triggered builds


This is a dual request for two features:

  1. The ability to pass parameters into a workflow via the web interface
  2. The ability to manually start a workflow via the web interface

About Parameterized Builds

When I want to upload a build of the mobile app to the App Store, TestFlight, Play Store etc. I need to set some parameters, for example:

  • Which API to build against (e.g. prod, staging)
  • App Store “what’s new” text
  • Notes for App Store reviewer
  • Other build-time flags

Additionally, I don’t want to do this for most commits. I only want to do this every 2-3 weeks or so.

Currently in CircleCI 2.0 there is no way through the web interface to pass parameters. I know there is an undocumented way to do this via the API, but that’s not sufficient for our needs. I would like to configure parameters which get stored in environment variables.

Here is a screenshot of the equivalent feature on Jenkins:

About Manual Triggers

Additionally, I should be able to run these builds manually via the web interface instead of using a git trigger. I know I can make a type: approval job, but this isn’t optimal because:

  1. most commits would never get approved
  2. these commits show as incomplete instead of passing in GitHub


  • The ability to create parameterized, manually triggered workflows via the web interface would be very helpful

  • There is definitely demand for this feature.

    • There are a variety of closed discussions on these topics, and similar requests dating back several years.
    • Other tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Snap, etc. support this feature with a high level of usage.
  • There are currently some workarounds but the lack of first-class support for these two features is my #1 pain point with CircleCI.


When I say…

these commits show as incomplete instead of passing in GitHub

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Under the current system, these commits will never get a green checkmark unless they are deployed.


Your request sounds exactly like my feature request: Custom Builds from Web UI