Parameterized builds



Is it possible to configure parameterized builds on v2 or they’re not yet supported?

Parameterized, manually triggered builds

They are somewhat supported, but not yet documented. It’s on the roadmap, coming soon. No true ETA available, but it sounds like the end of the closed beta.


Any update on this?


It should work the same as 1.0 at this time.


Hi @rohara,

Happy holidays. Could you shed some more light on this? Is it similar to the 1.0 and just replace the 2.0 in the api? Is the below correct?


new (just changed it to 2.0)

Was following the docs here and here

Or can I just do it in the “Test Commands” section even though it says its only for 1.0 builds?

The biggest use case I can see this being helpful for is:

  • Something merges to master, builds a new docker image, and deploys a new docker image to an environment
  • Engineer finds a bug and in the meantime wants to fallback to the old docker image.
  • Engineer can go to circleCI, enter the image name of the old docker image and in their config.yml they will have a section to check if “docker image” is not null, then do a re-deploy (instead of rebuilding a docker image).
  • This would save on average (10-11) minutes of build time and potential customer downtime.


This is the current latest version of our API. We don’t have a v2 option (yet?). Running builds via the API with a custom config is how I run more than half of my builds.