Parameterized builds: be able to build without cache (e.g. nightlies)



With the API (or UI), it’s possible to “retry” builds without cache, or to clear the cache for the entire project.

We’re considering running nightlies to detect issues that can arise from pristine installs (we’ve had a few episodes where upgrading dependencies acted differently from installing from scratch), which cannot be caught usually as those are stored in the cache. We’ve excluded the aforementioned options, as:

  • The support informed us you can retry builds without caching on the API (by adding {"no-cache":true} as data/body in the API POST request), but we want to run extended tests during those nightlies, which are controlled with a parameter → we need a parameterized build.
  • Clearing the cache does so for the entire project, which would add a 30 minutes penalty for all branches’ first build following this, every day, which can hardly be considered a mere inconvenience. (I do wish the project was smaller/quicker to configure, but that’s not our present reality)

As such, we would like to be able to trigger a parameterized build without cache. The new build API route already accepts a number of parameters (revision, tag, parallel, build_parameters), which I assume could be extended to include such an option.