Parallelization Improvements


Having some issues setting up parallelism using the files: yaml option.

My files are in $BUILD/tests/features/* and I’m running behat out of $BUILD/tests. behat expects the files to be relative to the directory from which it’s called (/tests/…) or the full pwd path of the files.

  1. Using full paths of in “files:” causes the system to say they can’t be found.

  2. Using the relative paths doesn’t work because your script sends them as relative paths instead of full paths.

  3. I’d actually prefer your system didn’t check actual file paths… what if I wanted to send arguments instead of file paths? Or maybe create and additional
    "matrix" or “args” field for parallel tests to do that instead of using “files”.


example 2:

For that one, I was expecting your script to iteratively request my script with a single param each time, but it just dumps out all the params. I had to create a script to handle the params and pass them in one at a time since behat doesnt’ support multiple arguments (but it really should in my opinion. I’ll probably send them a PR to support that)

Parallelising tests based on test command

Thank you for this feature request! We will be sure to update this thread again if/when we implement this.

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