Parallelism second container no longer starts




Our second container stopped running yesterday (THUR 9:10AM UTC) without any config or plan change, the previous run (WED 5:24PM UTC) ran as expected with ‘Parallelism 2x out of 7x’

Clicking ‘+ adjust containers’ displays the ‘Plan Settings’ page (…/organizations/deliveroo/settings#linux-pricing), which shows we have 7 available containers.

Config.yml unchanged with ‘parallelism: 2’

Build Settings ‘Adjust parallelism’ shows ‘1x, 2x’ highlighted. I’ve tried moving between 1x, and 2x with no luck.

Any help welcome!


This was never working for your project as it is in the wrong place. It needs to be on the level as docker and working_directory, not nested under docker. Moving it will resolve this issue.


It was definitely running in two containers previously with the wrong nesting. Working as expected now.

Thank you!


Not like you think. Your parallelism was defined in the UI and the directive in your config was ignored. We changed the UI functionality in 2.0 on Thursday.


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