Parallel commands




Its posible to do 3 parallel shell commands?


In a single run step or one container? Yes:

- run: |
     command1 &
     command2 &


- run:
    command: command1
    background: true
- run:
    command: command2
    background: true
- run:
    command: command3


error test command go to null?

I mean how to do parallel testing command.


First and second command

DISPLAY=:99 TIMEOUT=240000 only=upload-data npm run -s ctest-full

DISPLAY=:99 TIMEOUT=240000 only=v3 game=cascade-manor-v3 npm run -s ctest-full


Are you trying to run one on a given container and the other command in a different container?

Either workflows or bash if statements.


In one container.


Could you provide example how to do it? With only one command to run test build fine, but if we add after first test command second, build failed… (


One first command running success and second died… How to fix it?


Can you link me to what you’re seeing?


only one test command

other run test command and error…


You should define DISPLAY=:99 and TIMEOUT=240000 in an environment section at the top,.

Can you try splitting up your tests like this?

      - run:
          name: Run Xvfb
          command: Xvfb :99 -ac 2>&1
          background: true
      - run:
          name: Run Xvfb
          command: |
            java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.0.1.jar 2>&1
          background: true
      - run: sleep 3
      - run: only=v3 game=new-recruit-v3 npm run -s ctest-full
      - run: only=v3 game=cascade-manor-v3 npm run -s ctest-full

(This snippet assumes DISPLAY and TIMEOUT are defined at the top of the config)


QUEUED and not run


It is running right now


Build died (

Maybe i am something miss in config?


problem is actual, one run tests command work, second run tests command no work…


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