OSX Containers can't specify ruby version



The default version of ruby that comes with an OSX Container with Xcode 7.3.1 comes with ruby version 2.0.0; which isn’t that great for gems (such as fastlane that’s commonly used with iOS/Xcode builds) that have dependencies that require ruby 2.2.2 or higher.

The docs mention that our ruby version is inferred from our .ruby-version file:

It seems however, that this only works for Linux builds; and as a result I’ve had to resort to installing rbenv and the correct version of ruby myself manually after the machine is setup - therefore costing us a few extra minutes per build.

It would be good if as a part of the circle.yml we could set the ruby version of OSX containers. Or even better - it could be inferred by the .ruby-version file at the root of our projects like how it works for Linux containers.



upvote, causing build errors using cocoapods 0.39 and ruby 2.3.0, which seems to be the new default