Organization wide chat notifications



Our team uses Slack to be notified of build results that occur in CircleCI. One of the annoying manual steps we have to go through when we’re setting of a build of a new repo is setting up the notifications, which requires digging around in the Slack admin panel to find the web hook URL within the apps management UI and then clicking through to the CircleCI project settings and adding the web hook into the settings a few layers deep in the menus. We also have to make sure that folks on our team know to do this, and where to find each of those things.

GitHub has a really nice feature where you can setup organization-wide web hooks that apply to all repositories in your organization. It would be super awesome if CircleCI had the same functionality.



We’d also love to see a way to either enable org-wide web/notification hooks or at least another endpoint in the REST API with which we can configure the notifications/hooks automatically.


Our team is also interested in having this available in the REST API. We are scripting our project creation from Github for each new repository we have, and would like to not have to go into the UI each time to do this.