Organization/Team List Filtering

When you start having multiple organizations (aka CircleCI teams) associated to your account, it would be nice to have the web UI allow you to filter out everything by team (builds page, insights, etc.).

As an example you can select “By Repo” ordering on builds, but only have “Mine” & “All” filtering. Being able to select the team to only see repos from a specific team throughout the website would be nice.

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I’ve been thinking about reorganizing the site in a more “organization”-centric way where you select an organization upfront and operate in the context of the org (e.g., Choose an org, then either see all builds attached to that org, or drill further into projects and branches).
I believe it’ll make the UI less confusing + make support easier (no more asking which org you are asking about) + help our users focus on the builds that matter to them.

I’d love to hear more ideas on this if anyone has any.

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