Organisation wide environment variables

It’s annoying having to set things like AWS_SECRET_KEY etc for each project within an organisation when they’re always the same.

If you could just set some at the org level (maybe they could be overridden at the project level?) that would be great.


Second this request, I find myself duplicating a lot of environment variables.


+1 to this. I have the exact same issue for, NPM, etc.

Would love to see that feature too!

Would love to have this as well.

+1 Like many others here many of our builds share exact environment variables. Being able to just assign many of those at the organization level to be assigned to new repositories as they come in for build would save a good amount of frustration and time.

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+1 this would be really helpful

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+1 right now this is being done really haxily and I’d love an official upstream solution

Adding a +1 as well. Would be super helpful

Can’t wait to see that.

+1 this request! I have 9 shared environment variables that I would like have in all projects across my organization. Copying and pasting this in every new project is a pain

Would love to have this feature.

+1! Been copying my NPM auth token to 20+ projects built on CircleCI…

Same here, I prefer an inherited-environment-variables-structure with a Tree model of projects.

Agree this would be useful. Even more useful is the ability to set vars for sub-branches, so that it’s possible to isolate environments – e.g. to use separate AWS accounts for test vs prod vs staging.

Here’s a link to a script I wrote to escape the tedium:

+1 to this!

In addition to Org-wide environment variables, org-wide setup commands would be useful.

We need to run a few commands to configure our external npm repository, being able to set that once, instead of having to duplicate the commands repeatedly in our circle.yml files would be helpful.

+999 !
We could really use this!


I ended up creating a postman collection to run to build it up.

We are getting ready to have not to worry about it anymore after I finish the full integration into our one-click micro-service project setup.

Although it wouldn’t hurt.

This is a must have, I have around 20 repositories and all need some private npm modules. I neither want to set up 3 environment variables for logging into npm nor I want to create a scripts which does this in each step. Would be awesome!

A response from CircleCI staff about the status of this would be appreciated.

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