Orb Tools Orb v10

Orb Tools v10 is a major refactoring of orb tools to work with the new orb pack command, allowing more flexibility to expand the tools later down the line, and making it much easier to maintain over time. Behaviour changes are relatively minimal, with much effort going into stripping out unnecessary functionality and cleaning up what’s necessary.

What’s changed?

  • Added unit testing for complex scripts
    • This will ensure that no major regressions are made moving forward.
  • Broke out complex scripts into dedicated files, making it easier to author and modify commands.
  • New usage examples, which pair with the new Orb Project Template, set to replace the Orb Starter Kit in the near future.
  • Included executors have been moved to the new cimg Docker images, where applicable.
  • Changed recommended workflow job names to be more concise.
  • Tidied up much of the functionality and parameters for commands and jobs.


  • Unnecessary executors, which are redundant or unrelated to orb development.
  • Shellcheck
    • This has been moved to it’s own orb for flexibility, and we encourage orb authors to implement it into their configurations.
    • The original shellcheck job attempted to extract from destructed orb YAML files - with the new orb pack command, this is no longer necessary.
  • A handful of unnecessary or redundant commands (e.g check-env-var-parameters)
  • BATS installation
    • This has also been moved to a dedicated orb, since BATS testing is useful outside the world of orbs.

Orb Pack in v9

Not ready for the jump to v10, but still want to use the orb pack command? There is a helpful switch in the latest version of v9 (9.3.1) which will use orb pack rather than config pack when building your orb. Set the use-orb-pack parameter to true, and you will switch over to using the new command.

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