Optional approval step



The manual approval only choice is to approve, or you have to cancel the current workflow. It would be nice to have optional ‘manual approval step’ to get a green status on Github.
Now i use Circle CI to deploy to my different environments (test / staging / production) when I want to deploy to production with an approval step after staging and test are deployed.
I would like to give the possibility for each PR to also be deployed to test (or staging). But this step would be optional, so i would like to use a ‘manual approval’ to let people decide if they want to test their PR on staging (to show the current state to someone else for example). Problem is, if you don’t approve the step, the status stays ‘orange’ / ‘waiting’ on github cause the approval job is not done, so you can only cancel the workflow and the status on Github will never be ‘green’, which is not very developer friendly.