Option to prune branches from job listing



I use feature branches during development, so I have a lot of short-lived branches that get tested on Circle CI. Once I merge these feature branches into master, I no longer care about the branch. Often times I will clean up my branches on GitHub, and then “git remote prune” to remove them locally as well.

However, the job remains in the left bar of the UI, cluttering things up somewhat over time.

Would it be possible to add a feature to either:

  • Remove/hide branches no longer present on the remote
  • Remove/hide any branch I want (maybe a new push to that branch should make it visible again)

Thanks for your consideration.

Allow manual pruning of stale branches
Allow ordering/sorting of my projects

Any news on this? How long does it take for CircleCI to detect removed branches? It seems like forever :cry:


Rather than the ability to manually prune branches, it would be even better if you could fix the automatic pruning to be more robust :slight_smile:


Any update on this? We have many branches being created/deleted all the time and it’s really becoming quite messy. An automatic prune would be amazing. If it could sync with GitHub that would be even better, so it automatically just removes the branches.

Question. Is there a way to remove these branches from the UI via the CircleCI API?


Chiming in here because I’m suffering the same issue. We follow the normal branch-merge-delete workflow I’m sure everyone is familiar with and what’s even more annoying is the fact that builds are sorted by name rather than date last built.


Any news on this? That would be really great!


Wow, that is annoying and it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to implement on your end (simply add a “Prune deleted branches” button in the project settings).

I have found a possible work around: recreate branch that is deleted, push to GitHub and delete again -_-


Yeah I agree its a bit annoying. There are a couple challenges that prevent this from being so simple. Most notably, we have hundreds of thousands of projects from GitHub which makes rate limiting a big concern.


Any update on this?