Option to disable Collect Artifacts from a build


We don’t use Collect Artifacts feature and this part usually take 10-20 seconds for every build.
Since our specs only need 20-30 seconds to finish then we would like to disable this feature.

Bulk upload in Collect Artifacts step!

Something simple like

artifacts: false

In circle.yml would be perfect


My organization could also use this feature. This is wasted time during our builds and these seconds add up.


artifacts: false does not work for me. Build is failing as it is no valid config … any other ideas? I also cannot find something in the docs :frowning:


Any update on this being a feature? You guys are great about running parallel tests to speed things up but it would also be great to remove any items which are wasting time. If I missed how to disable artifacts, please let me know.


Also trying to improve build performance. Need to disable artifacts as well. Any updates?


Plus one for us as well. Would love the ability to disable artifacts and speed things up a bit.


Also would like to speed up our builds a little.


I would like to have this feature too


+1 from here.
I actually tried to create an empty dummy file to be collected as an artifact, but it didn’t make anything faster, suggesting that it isn’t because it hangs or anything.


+1 would be great to get those extra 20s :slight_smile:


+1 from us, we’d love this feature.


Usually this step takes 20-30 seconds, but recently I’ve experienced extremely long ones.

I’d love to have possibility to override teardown section and turn off Collect Artifacts step.


+1 would be great to get those extra 20s


I’ve created another Feature Request thread that proposes improving the efficiency of the Collect Artifacts step rather than disabling it. Please like it if you think it’s a good idea!


This isn’t an issue on CircleCI 2.0 where you choose when and if artifacts are collected.