Option in drop down -> ReBuild without running tests


There are many times we already know tests will pass for a specific branch or deployment.

Many times we just want to redeploy to fix a deployment issue. This currently isn’t possible from what I’ve found?

So I’d like to feature request a drop down menu option to skip the CI portion of a build when selected. Kinda like the “with SSH” option.


I think this is a great request but I don’t think we’ll do it exactly like that. But the very good news - We actively have a team working on a first-class workflows product which better respects concepts like deployment and the idea that parts of a workflow can fail without all of it failing.

Let me know if I misinterpreted your FR. Thanks for the FR!


Well the part here is the deployment will pass like it’s supposed to.

An example here is we were making improvements to our compile asset pipeline which uses some of our 3rd party wrapper scripts on deployment.

To test these scripts sometimes we have to do multiple deployments to that environment. We are making a change to a wrapper script, then rerunning the same build over and over (by just clicking rebuild).

This FR was to remove the CI portion for something like this as we already know the tests will pass from the initial build / deployment.