Only notify for some branches



In CircleCI v1, we use the experimental feature “only notify for some branches” on most of our projects;

        - master
        - test

We’d like to have the same feature in v2.0

Build Chat Notifications
Experimental branch notifications from 1.0

Good to know, there is now:

            - circleCI2

but then it doesn’t run at all.
It would be nice to still run but not notify.

Slack notifications on failed builds for specific branches

Is there a way to limit chat notifications in 2.0?
Here’s the docs for 1.0:


@rohara heya, can you perhaps give a status update on this? Is this something CircleCI is working on?


@driesvints I don’t know where it fall on the roadmap but you can use the 1.0 syntax in your 2.0 config to achieve the same thing today


How would that looks exactly? Would it still say experimental? Will it live under the job? Could you add this to the sample page


I just copied and pasted what I had from Circle CI 1.0 to the bottom of my .yml file and it worked.


I tried using the CircleCI 1.0 syntax in a 2.0 build, but we still got notifications about a workflow failing in a side branch.

Any update on when branch specific notifications might be available in 2.0?


The main issue with 2.0 is it notify on each job in workflow instead of sending just one notification about overall workflow!

We use workflow with 8 jobs, and only one of them is deploy job. As result we get 8 notifications in Slack channel per each deploy, which means we’ll have to switch off notifications until this will be fixed. :frowning: